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Oct 20, 2020

We are back for the Alignment 2020 audio experience. Today we are diving into module 4, Daily Imperfect Action. This is one of the most powerful modules in Alignment 2020.

For today's episode, I want to specifically dive into module 4.4, which is titled Align Your Mental Mind. In this module, it's really talking about this idea that often times, we as entrepreneurs or humans, go to take action on something. When we go to take action on something, we're typically operating from the mindset of the belief system that we were holding to be true previously. The idea of it is understanding if you can get out ahead of the action or the desire that you want to take action on, or that you want to realize.

Here's the downloadable material you can use:

Your thoughts create your reality. But how do you have those thoughts that do such a thing? Join us at to learn how to gain control, and create the next level you through Alignment 2020.